San Diego Thunderboats

San Diego Bayfair
San Diego Bayfair’s World Series of Powerboat Racing – a family festival tradition for more than 40 years speeds to the finish line.

San Diego Bayfair has a long and rich tradition in Mission Bay Park. The first race was staged in 1964 thanks to the foresight of the great Unlimited hydroplane racer Bill Muncey. Muncey was the driving force behind Bayfair and getting the racecourse built to host the event.

The 2.5-mile racecourse, which was named after the late Bill Muncey, is the longest and fastest racecourse on the H1 Unlimited hydroplane circuit. Driver Dave Villwock set the World Lap Speed Record of 173.384 mph in 1999 at Bayfair. Villwock has won a record nine Bill Muncey Cups, including his first ever Unlimited hydroplane race victory on the waters of Mission Bay.

Over the years, more than 5 million people have enjoyed the races on Mission Bay. Bayfair has grown from just a hydroplane race in 1964 to an event that featured drag boats, international competitors, live music and aerial demonstrations. Boat-racing tours including Formula One tunnel boats, Grand Prix West, P1 USA, Pacific Offshore Powerboat Racing Association and various semi-professional classes have competed at Bayfair.

Parking Information

Crown Point Parking (main parking)
$10 a day on Crown Point and there are free shuttle buses to take visitors to East Vacation Island/Ski Beach and Fiesta Island. No in and out privileges allowed.

Weekend Crown Point Parking
$30 for three days on Crown Point. Free shuttle buses will take visitors to East Vacation Island and Fiesta Island. In and out privileges allowed.

Fiesta Island Parking
$10 a day on Fiesta Island. Free shuttle buses will take visitors to East Vacation Island and Crown Point. No in and out privileges allowed.

WVI Preferred Parking
$20 a day and walk across to the main event site. Parking spaces are available west of Ingraham Street on Vacation Island. Parking is limited and on first-come, first-served basis. No in and out privileges allowed.

EVI Premier Parking
$150 for three days. Parking on East Vacation Island/Ski Beach. Spaces are limited. In and out privileges are allowed.

Shuttle Available

Shuttle hours are 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Pickup Locations:

Fiesta Island
Over the line Parking Area
EVI – West Side, Bus Stop in Front of EVI
EVI – East Side, Bus Stop in Front of Paradise Point
Crown Point – In Front Of Ticket Booth

Shuttle to run as follows: Fiesta Island, East Vacation Island, Crown Point. Shuttles to run every 15 minutes in a continuous circle.

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