San Diego Desert Tours

We cater to groups of all sizes from small to large. We welcome couples, family groups, wedding parties, committal ceremonies, birthdays, remembrance gatherings or you are welcome to create your own special event and we’ll provide the setting. San Diego Dune Tours offers ATV, Dirt Bike, and Dune Buggy Desert Tours in Ocotillo, CA. We also have an amazing Glamis 2 day Desert Adventure Tour for people that are looking to do some serious desert riding. Our machines are well maintained and ready to take you on an incredible desert adventure. Our desert tour guides are experienced local off-road enthusiasts who know the trails and can improve your desert trip with interesting facts about the area. If you are looking for adventure in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place.

San Diego Dune Tours has an on-site location with over 50 square miles of desert riding on sand washes, red clay mountains, black slate hills, dry lake beds, and 4500 acres of sand dunes. When you arrive, we’ll start with some paperwork then gear you up for the ride. There is a 15 minute safety briefing on the units. Then off we go. Our tours are private “Your Group Only” unless otherwise stated. Our San Diego Desert Tours run from Mild to Wild, ranging from 5 to 50 miles unless you choose the Extreme Day Tour, which offers an opportunity to ride over 200 miles in a single day! San Diego Dune Tours is a service oriented company that offers custom desert tours for any occasion. We offer San Diego Desert Tours for group sizes from 1 to 40 people.

Clothing Required: long pants, no capris, no nickers, shirts short or long sleeve and hoodies or jackets, tennis shoes min, hiking boot better, boots best… Please Bring Water, Gatorades Snacks PB&J, Beef Jerky Power Bars and We’ll Take Care Of The Rest. We have motocross riding boots for dirt bikes only for $15. We also offer full catering by arrangement. Prepayment is recommended to secure your trip dates. We ride from Sunrise to Sunset and Night Tours are Available!! We Start When You Show Up!!


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