San Diego Dreamin


Thunderboats tearing across the open bay these monstress machines fight their pilots for control at over 225 miles an hour spectators cheering over the roar and desperate life or death struggles.

Soaring over the San Diego outback this staggering glimpse into the future of transportation gives its occupants the ability to go anywhere equally at home on the water or in the air the Icon A5 has to be seen to be believed.

Amphibous technology on both coasts of the US, experience the exotic marvel that is the Icon A5 a go anywhere rule breaker set to carve out a sports recreational league of its own!

San Diego state of dreams

Roaring out acrosss the bay with jet powered madness sees machines and those brave enough to pilot them battle it out for control of the waves!


The future is here with the incredible Icon A5 amphibious aircraft, go anywhere lake or air out west with Icon facilities waiting to train you.


Why drive through the skyscrapers when you can soar above them in this go anywhere amphibious vehicle with Icon's eastern facilities waiting to train you