San Diego Dreamin


Taking yout breath away Altitude Helicopters put their decades of experience in mountain rescue to new ventures flying tourists around San Diego's amazing scenery.

San Diego Dune Tours has an on-site location with over 50 square miles of desert riding on sand washes, red clay mountains, black slate hills, dry lake beds, and 4500 acres of sand dunes.

Ride one of our off road vehicles and explore the desert discovering wildlife and wild relics, then cool off afterwards with a bit of wake boarding at Sunbeam Lake!.

San Diego state of dreams

An unforgetable way to experience San Diego awaits all who travel with Altitude Helicopter tours the city glinting beneath them as they glide through sun and skyscraper alike.


This activity is not for the faint of heart! Over eight hours ride the dunes and see the beautiful Ocotillo and all the amazing sights it has to offer with our extreme tour!


Sand and Splash the six hour tour taking you roaring through the desert in a day of extreme exploration before wake boarding at Sunbeam Lake to cool off days heat!